Active thinking and mindful practice

Coach Ryan

Ryan has been a competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and a passionate coach for more than 10 years. He won a Gold medal in the North America Open in 2014, and Gold (2016) and Silver (2018) Medals in the Asian Championship. As a fighter of smaller body size, Ryan knows how to apply techniques to counter the weight and power of larger opponents. Ryan’s teaching emphasizes body mechanics, injury prevention, strategies and tactics of Jiu-Jitsu, and the precise application of technique. His approach to teaching gives students an accelerated, deeper and more comprehensive understanding of this complex grappling sport. 

Ryan is always keen on finding different ways to make improvement on his Jiu-Jitsu journey. Yoga has become an integrated part of Ryan’s life when the practice help him heal the spine injuries due to years of intense Jiu-Jitsu training. He took Yoga teacher training with two Indian yoga masters, who had inspired him with tremendously insightful knowledge of the human body and mind, which has sharpened his understanding in Jiu-Jitsu from different perspectives.

Ryan believes in sustainable training. He encourages his students to be open-minded and to keep exploring themselves in their own practice, and most importantly, to enjoy the process.

"Ryan benefited my Jiu-jitsu immensely. I was able to get all the answers to my questions and he helped me to fix holes in my game that I couldn't see. He gave me drills and techniques to work on that were suitable to my body type and level of experience. I improved very quickly, and he helped me to develop a mindset of chaining my movements together from one technique to the next as the fight changes and adapt to secure a better submission or position. I highly recommend anyone to take advantage of Professor Ryan's teachings if you have the opportunity."
Jeff "The King of MK" Welch​
United States

You will learn how to train confidently and safely with stronger and bigger-sized opponent.

Together we can:

Sharpen your vision for your Jiu-Jitsu game in an efficient way.

Find out your strength and weakness, and clear your doubts and what seem obstacles to you

Apply different training methods according to your levels and needs.

Develop a personalized training plan to optimize your learning process

You will find every step of the way

Breaking down all the steps for you to learn Jiu-Jitsu effectively

The Journey

I’ve learned that actively studying and contemplating the subtleties of techniques, and mindful practice play the key role in personal growth as a Jiu-Jitsu player. The mission of the online coaching program is to share the journey with you beyond the physical distance, and to guide and support you along the way. It aims to help you to deepen your understanding in Jiu-Jitsu, to accelerate your learning process and to reach your personal goals. I look forward to sharing the journey with you. 



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