Jiu-Jitsu for Kids

Jiu-Jitsu is wonderful martial art for children. Learning Jiu-Jitsu helps children develop discipline, focus and perseverance to achieve their goals.  These qualities are very important for success in life. Learning Jiu Jitsu helps children develop confidence in their physical abilities by improving coordination, balance, flexibility and strength. Attending Jiu Jitsu classes helps children build healthy relationships and have fun with new friends. Our classes are taught in English, which gives Thai students a great chance to develop their English language skills while making new friends from other countries. We accept students from age 6 to 13 years. Contact us now to enroll your son or daughter!

Anti-Bullying Seminar

Copy of Anti-Bullying seminar

Pure Grappling offers free Anti-Bullying seminar for kids in schools to serve our local commuinty in Chiang Mai.

Please feel free to contact us for hosting a seminar.